(Last Updated On: November 13, 2018)

Introduction to Cache

Ever tried to Clear your Browser Cache? Sometimes up to 100’s of Megabytes get Stored inside your Browser/Computer.
But what is the meaning behind it?

Think of it as a Collection of temporarily stored data for quick access upon request. Caching processes or simply explained “saves” frequently requested information to access them faster upon next request. ( When you visit the Site again )

Why is Caching essential

Caching reduces the Loading Time of your Website resulting in a initial Speed improvement.
Fast Websites means better organic Search Engine Optimisation since Google gives an better SEO result for fast loading websites

To achieve that you will need the right Setup paired with the right plugin.

In this Guide we will introduce you to the best caching plugins for WordPress as of 2018.
We will consider Paid and Free Plugins, so let’s jump right in..

#1 WP Rocket

One of the best known Caching Plugins, WP Rocket has been around for some years already. Steady development, usability & best speed test Results ( Insert Link ) makes it the best Caching Plugin around.

Which comes at a price in contrast to other caching Plugins.. starting at 39$
In consideration worthy price for the best performance.

Biggest +

  • Easy Configuration ( One Click Caching )
  • Automatic Optimisation like Page Cache, GZIP Compression, Cache Pre-Loading
  • A Lot of Optional Features ( Lazy Loading Image, Minification, CDN Support & More )
Contra –

  • There is not really one besides the yearly Cost, WP Rocket stands out in between all of other Caching Plugins, If you want to go free of charge then use one of the Plugins below

#2 W3 Total Cache

Let’s be honest here, W3 Total Cache is a great Plugin with a Ton of Options and Features but in the same sentence it’s the Plugins biggest Minus.

If you don’t want to spend hours Configuring your Caching Plugin this one is not for you, on the other side if you want to adjust your Caching Configuration with the extensive Features W3 Total Cache provides it is the way to go.

W3 Total Cache is available for Free with an Premium Feature for 99$ / Year. The Premium Features will unlock a Stuff like CDN Mirroring and Fragment Caching Module.

Biggest +

  • Ton of Options and Features
  • It is for Free
Contra –

  • The extended Configuration Settings makes it kinda Difficult for Beginners

#3 WP Fastest Cache

The Paid Version of WP Fastest Cache offers a similar Caching System as WP Rocket.
It is easy to use and modify.

The Free Version comes aboard a little bit thin in terms of functionality but the Paid Version delivers all of the essential Caching Features.

Biggest +

  • Easy to use
  • Free Version available
  • Great Results
Contra –

  • You need the premium Version to unlock most of the Features

#4 WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is the only truly Free Plugin on this List.
It works by generating HTML Files instead of Processing the Scripts. Offering Functionality like CDN Support, Scheduled Caching, Mobile Caching

It offers way less Features opposed to the Other plugins but for the beginning it is all you will need.

Biggest +

  • It is Free
  • Easy to use
Contra –

  • Not much Features

Hosted Cache Functionality


Hosting Providers realised the Importance of Caching as some of them Started to offer built-in caching Solutions

SiteGround being the “go to” WordPress Hosting Provider even Published they own WordPress Plugin SG Optimizer which links to the SiteGround Performance Services.